Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Estate Development Information System

What is qRedis?

qRedis is a web-based  real estate development information system.  It is a comprehensive database system designed for real estate developers.  It handles data of customers/buyers, financial reports, and agent’s information.

Available system-generated reports are:
1.      Billing
2.      Collections and Receivables
3.      Marketing (e.g. profile, agent’s commissions, family tree, sales achiever, etc.)
4.      Customer Information and Credit Balance Ledger

Basic Security Features:
·         Audit Trail
                                    Tracks all activities of the system
·         Setting of User Access Level
Initially, the system has 2 user classifications;
1.      Administrator – Has access to all features of the system
2.      Encoder – Has limited access. Only the administrator can select and assign which module will the user/encoder may access
·         Standard Login
·         Requires username and password
·         Allows the system administrator to change the password
·         Allows users to retrieve password using a question and answer form for security

qRedis is programmed using ASP .NET 9.0 and runs under .Net Framework 3.5, IIS and with MS SQL server or MySQL as its database.

Available plug-in modules include:
qAsa (Accounting System), Executive Dashboard (Reporting System).